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$ 5.40

(Spelling for Example of a Non-Standard Name) Dee
(Optional Meaning for a Standard Name - For Example: Aaron Means: Messenger but you want a Custom Meaning "Wise Man" (or) Non-Standard Name: Dee - For Example: You want your Name to Mean "Servant's Heart" )

Create Any Name on a Pocket Sized Card 

When the Spelling of your name is different than the Standard Name Spelling. This Pocket Sized Card Can be made for ANY NAME the way you spell it ! (which is Any Name that is Spelled different from our Standard Names or Any Name that is not Listed in our DAYDREAM SCRIPTURE NAME CARDS) ,  

and you can Add your Meaning of your Name too ....

    • Order your Personalized Daydream Scripture Name Cards (for Non-Standard Names) that can be made for ANY NAME the way you spell it !
    • Every Name is Available 
    • {STANDARD Names} when changing the Meaning- can be Ordered here also!
    • You Provide us with the Spelling of a Name along with your Optional Meaning, Nickname or Title
    • Dimensions: Pocket Size: 2.5" Wide x 3.5" Tall (Pocket Size)
    • A pre-printed Bible Verse will be Included on each card.
    • Price: $5.40 
    • The back to the card includes a TO: and FROM: area so that you can add a personal gift giving touch.
    • Can be added to Optional Giftware with a Photo.
    • When, ordering more than 1 - Please, Add each 1 separately to your Shopping Cart, so that you can provide us with the Name Instructions Correctly.
    • Female Name Cards will be Printed on a Pink Background, either Striped or Plaid
    • Male Name Cards will be Printed on a Blue Background, either Plaid or Striped
    • Normally ships in 10-12 Business Days 

If, you do not wish to Add your Optional Meaning  a Standard Meaning will be printed for you ! Colors and Background prints vary. Every Male and Female will love to see his or her name and meaning in print on a card.

               EXAMPLE of a Any Name Pocket Sized Card (Non-Standard Spelling)   

Your Spelling: JAMYRA    Add your Optional Meaning      " Sweet Jam" 

Your Speling:  JAYLON    Add your Optional Meaning     " Basketball Star"

Your Spelling: KHOLEE    Add your Optional Meaning    " Honey, Honey, Honey"

Your Spelling: KATRINA     Add your Optional Meaning:      " A Skater " 

" [Optional] Meanings appear below the NAME in quotations"


{STANDARD Names} when changing the Meaning - can be Ordered here also! 

EXAMPLE of a Standard Name with your Custom Meaning:

VERONICA  (Means "WISE " but you want the Meaning to be)    "She's the Boss"

DARRELL  (Means "BELOVED" but you want the Meaning to be)    " Strong, Good Worker "

                     Can be coupled with Optional Acrylic Giftware click here

Acrylic Giftware for Daydream Scripture Name Cards  Acrylic Giftware

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