How We Got Started in this Gift Business

How We Got Started in this Gift Business

How We Got Started in this Gift Business

  The owner has always been a Crafty Person. She used to make Fabric Covered Photo Albums, Sewing and many other items. Her family and friends would tell her that these items were so pretty that she should go into business and start selling them instead of giving them away.

   Well one day she took their advise and "Treasures Made Just Because" was founded. The name was originated from her two grand daughter's initials, TMJ and JJB. After removing the two middle J's, and thinking of the types of products we would be selling, we decided to use this name.   

Treasures Made Just Because Logo

       Inspired by the Love of Crafts, Sewing of Handmade Items and Embroidered Gifts for family and friends Veronica Braswell began "Treasures Made Just Because" ... After giving much thought for it's Name because of the love for her two beautiful Grand Daughters this Company was named using the Initials of their first and middle names. Having no formal education beyond a high school diploma and a technical Dressmaking background from trade school, in a small basement craft shop is where her creativity began.
Today Veronica's specialty is Personalized Gifts and Favors, that will always be remembered! She also is a Seamstress and does Embroidery, Monogramming and Alterations too ! This company rapidly expands its market through the distribution channels of many retailers and wholesalers throughout the United States.

Treasures Made Just Because is committed to provide high quality merchandise that will leave you searchless because they cannot be found in stores. Our mission is to make a positive impact to be the greatest online Christian retailer of gifts and favors. With God all things are possible. (St. Matthew 19:26)


     So, now we are an Online Store in located in Newark,New Jersey in business since 2013, selling Gifts for All Occasions and

Events, along with Personalized and Non-Personalized items, Gift Baskets, Party Favors & Decorations (We currently do not have showroom or store for browsing, our products are strictly sold Online Only)  

Online Store for "Treasures Made Just Because"


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